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Shopping Centers

Blaes Architects will work with your to design a new shopping center which meets your needs:

Anchor Store
Retail Units
Covered Walkways
Accessible Restrooms
Parking Lots

This 10,600 square foot, one-story retail shopping center is located in Pacific, Missouri. The project consisted of five retail spaces connected by a front portico.

Low maintenance materials such as architectural concrete block and standing seam metal roofing were incorporated into this design.





This 12,500 square foot, one story retail shopping center is located in Union, Missouri. This mall has one large office space flanked by two wings each including three retail spaces.

A covered portico connects all businesses in this commercial courtyard.

This commercial two story retail shopping center is located in Union, Missouri. It features a covered balcony with metal rails.

Onion domes supported by decorative metal framework cover the exterior metal stairs.


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