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Lockwood Avenue,
Webster Groves

New Residence:
3,100 Square Feet
Price Range:
More than $300,000
Michael Blaes, AIA
Tri Square Construction

    The new residence is located at 535 East Lockwood in the heart of Old Orchard, across from Nerinx Hall and the DeSoto Building. The corner lot was developed with the homes on Lake Avenue to the North, the majority of them “Joy-Built” homes in the Craftsman or (St. Louis) Prairie Styles (Four-Squares), mostly two-stories with hip roofs and generous overhangs. To label the style one might call it American Four-Square with Prairie School and Craftsman Style influences.

    The original house, a one and a half story stucco Craftsman style bungalow was located on this corner lot of East Lockwood Avenue and Summit Avenue. This first house had numerous condition issues and lacked Architectural character and details with the exception of two eyebrow windows. The Owner and architect looked at the merits of saving the house and adding to the structure, but the foundation was seriously cracked, leaked and was only six feet of headroom. The stucco was cracked and falling off the sheathing. The room layout was cramped and included very small rooms. Besides the eyebrow dormers, the only architectural item of merit was a brick fireplace, oddly placed in the Dining Room. Furthermore, an addition was more costly than a new house.

Existing Home in Poor Condition

Neighborhood Homes

3D Study Model

    The clients and Architect were determined to build and design a new home which harmonized with the surrounding neighborhood. A photographic survey of the neighboring homes began the design process, with a discussion of elements that were attractive to the owners. A majority of neighboring homes are two story frame residences with simple geometric massing. Common Architectural features include hip or gable roofs with large overhangs, wood siding and trim, Craftsman style divided lite windows, hipped front and side porches, and bays.

    The result was an attractive 2-story Prairie style home with a wrap-around corner porch high above the sidewalk for privacy. This simply shaped rectangular home features a hipped roof with a three foot overhang. Craftsman style tapered columns at the porch rest on limestone plinths. Porch lattice panels, guard rails, handrails, and stairs are also similar to several neighboring homes and to the Craftsman/Prairie styles. The windows and doors include Craftsman style muntins or divided lites. Fiber-cement wide window and door trim and lap siding were used to provide the Craftsman appearance without the maintenance issues often found with wood trim and siding. An Architectural Asphalt shingle was used on the roof. This is one of two types of Asphalt shingles which are used frequently in the neighborhood.

New Plans

New Front Elevation

New Rear Elevation

    Interior spaces were designed for the modern family and include an open floor plan and large gathering spaces for entertaining. The first floor plan contains a foyer, master suite, laundry room, half bath, kitchen and family room. A wrap-around porch connects the formal front entry to the family side entry near the garage. The second floor features a common room, large bath, three bedrooms, and three walk-in closets. This new Craftsman style home adds to the Architectural experience of the local neighborhood while meeting the needs of a 21st century family.

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