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Mason Avenue, Webster Groves

Second Floor Addition:
1,030 Square Feet
Price Range:
More than $100,000
Michael Blaes, AIA
M.H. Ward Construction

    In the middle of Mason Avenue in Webster Park sat a Century Home with an odd one-story addition to the side with masonry chimney. The owners desired additional space for their growing family and a master suite for their personal enjoyment. The screen porch in the rear of the house was in need of repair and did not offer access to the back yard. They looked for improvement of the east facing street front view of their home and hoped something could be done about the architecturally incompatible addition.

    The design took shape by using the structure of the addition to support a second floor to house their new master suite. The chimney was extended in to the new gable facing the south side of the house and the two-story volume was softened by the continuation of the front porch down the side of the house and across the front of the additions. A similar porch was added at the rear of the additions for the same effect and to give access to the back yard from the screen porch, family room and adjacent kitchen.

Existing Plans

Front Elevation Before

Rear Elevation Before

    The original house was built in a late Victorian Style. These Victorian elements were repeated in the gable of the addition with scalloped siding. Windows in this gable flank the new chimney extension creating a third gable on the house, all with their own interesting elements. A bay at the corner of the addition was modified to give access to the master suite but simplified the framing and geometrical problems of an angled bay on an inside corner of the house.

    The attic space at the third story is livable space in the original house and the attic space above the addition provides ample storage for the family. Dormers provide light to this attic space and repeat the simple dormers on the rest of the house. The overall result is a large home that sits comfortably on the lot with very generous porches on three sides of the house. The house completes its generous exterior access with the addition of a deck in the corner next to the driveway with access from the kitchen and screen porch.

New Plans

Front Elevation After

Rear Elevation After
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