Blaes Architects
Tuxedo Park Station

Tuxedo Park Station was built in 1890 at a cost of $6,315 as a commuter station for the Missouri Pacific Railroad. It is one of several mid-County commuter stations built around the turn of the century. These stations allowed families to move further away from their downtown workplaces.

Commuter service ceased in December 1961. Then it was used as a railroad storage facility until 1980. The Missouri Pacific Railroad donated the station to the City of Webster Groves in 1983 after lobbying by Mayor Jack Cooper. This action prevented impending demolition of the station by the railroad.

A majority the historic Missouri Pacific Railroad buildings along the Saint Louis commuter line were demolished. Fortunately, two stone stations at Kirkwood and Tuxedo Park survive.

The station was leased from the City of Webster Groves in 1997 by Blaes Architects. The Tuxedo Park Station required extensive restoration after several decades of minimal maintenance, as well as the eviction of several generations of pigeons roosting in the tower. The following preservation work was completed under the direction of Michael Blaes: